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Here at rbnet.it we are using the famous Polylang plugin for WordPress to manage tranlsations. Normally, the plugin does not offer the option to merge comments from different translations of a post.

For this reason I’ve made a small extension to the Polylang plugin: Polylang Comments Merger.

Polylang Comments Merger merges comments from all available translations of a post or a page and show them, on each version of the post/page translation, in the chronological order when they have been made. No changes are made to the db: comments remain internally attached to the post or page they were made on.

Polylang Comments Merger Installation

  • Upload the whole polylang-comments-merger directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  • Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.

Plugin Options

Polylang Comments Merger does not have any options. After activation all features are immediately available.

On the frontend a post will show all the comments from all its translated version.

On AdminCP comments remain attached to their original translations.

What types of content are supported

Only posts and pages are supported.

Notes and credits

Polylang Comments Merger is heavily inspired by the no longer maintained WPML Comment Merging plugin by Fabian Lange.

Thanks goes to Rhialto and Jonathan for their efforts in the WordPress support forum. Thansk also to Yves Brendel and Rhialto (again) for French and english translations.


The plugin is released “as is” and no support a very limited support is given through this post comments section.

Download Polylang Comments Merger

You can download Polylang Comments Merger from GitHub.

Feel free to fork, submit bugs and modify the code under the terms of GNU General Public License v2.0.

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  1. eeeeh purtroppo mi fa conflitto con wpdiscuz.. ma tra i due il tuo è più importante.. so che non offri supporto, ma se ti è già capitato e sai perchè fammi sapere

    • prometto di esserti fedele sempre,
      nella gioia e nel dolore,
      nella salute e nella malattia,
      e di amarti e onorarti
      tutti i giorni della mia vita.

      Ricordatene al primo aggiornamento che ti fa saltare tutto 😀

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