Pandora port: Nano (demoscene)

port for pandora nano scene demo
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Another demoscene production ported to Pandora. This time is Nano presented by Kakiarts at EVOKE 2006, where was the first demo for the Apple iPod nano 1G.

a screenshot from the pandora port nano scene demo

screenshot from the pandora port nano scene demo with bubbles and letters

Demo infos

This demo is available for iPod nano, PC/Linux, PC/Win32, GP2X and now Pandora.


  • code, additional graphics: KeyJ
  • design, graphics: gabi
  • music: dq

Port infos

This demo was created using old SDL1.2 library and with a resolution of 176*132. To have fullscreen on Pandora i used the OMAPdss enhanced version (of SDL) coded by Notaz.

Sources included in PND.


Download and more Infos

For more infos check the Pouet page or the original programmer page.

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