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FastTracker 2 Clone for Pandora
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Just published for Pandora the latest release of FastTracker 2 Clone by Olav Sørensen.
FastTracker 2 is a music tracker originally created by Fredrik “Mr. H” Huss and Magnus “Vogue” Högdahl, this clone is partly based on the original FT2 source code for DOS (coded in Pascal and Assembler), but is re-implemented using C and SDL2 for more portability on modern platforms.
With the integrated editors for patterns, instruments and samples, you can compose, edit or simply only play the numerous music modules that is available from the internet.You could also play a little game (a Nibbles clone) while the music is playing. For more infos on the program you could use the integrated help.

FastTracker 2 Clone Main screen Pandora

Program infos

Fasttracker 2 supports a variety of file formats:

  • MOD,NST – Standard modules (15…31 instruments).
  • MOD – Fasttracker v1.0 modules (2,4,6,8..32-channel formats).
  • STM,S3M – ScreamTracker modules.
  • PAT – Gravis Ultrasound Patches.
  • SMP/SAM/RAW/SND – data files, signed and unsigned.
  • WAV – Windows WAV-files.
  • IFF – Amiga IFF-files (Interchange File Format).
  • AIFF – Apple AIFF-files.
  • XM – Extended module.
  • XI – Extended instrument.
  • XP – Extended pattern.
  • XT – Extended track.


FastTracker 2 Clone source code is released under the BSD 3-clause license.
The full licenses (for code, graphics and all the libs used in the program) can be found in LICENSES.txt inside this package.

FastTracker2 Clone about screen Pandora

Port infos

Pandora port run with the help of GL4ES library of ptitSeb. Included inside the PND are the sources and the songs released by the original PC package.
The program run best in fullscreen…windowed mode is not really usable, you can play with the config options but if something go wrong you can always press ESC (Fn+q) and press Enter to exit. To recover the working config just delete the /appdata/fastracker2clone/.config directory and restart the PND.

Download and more Infos

Visit the official site for additional infos or if you want to download the release for Windows 32/64 Bit, Linux or OSX.

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    • Thanks a lot for your comment here.
      Yes my sources are from the same author, but before it published them on github, in fact my port is about an old revision (my latest build is 1.01), anyway i didn’t made any changes on the sources but only on the makefile adapting to my Pandora ARM toolchain.
      If you want to take a look at it, please download the PND file here, you could open and explore/extract it with 7Zip (for example).

      If you need more infos, feel free to ask here.

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