Caanoo port: Abbaye des Morts

Caanoo port: Abbaye des Morts
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Abbaye des Morts is a freeware game made by LocoMalito (with the help of Gryzor87) in 2010. This game is, like other Locomalito’s creations, developed with Gamemaker and only runs natively in Microsoft Windows systems. There is a remake/port of this game for GNU/Linux systems made by nevat. It’s written in C code with the help of SDL libraries and the code is licensed under GNU GPL version 3.

Abbaye Caanoo Gloomy chamber

Game infos


  • DPAD Left or Right – Move the player left or right.
  • DPAD Down: Crouch the player.
  • Button X: Jump (used also to start the game).
  • Button B: Jump (added if you are more confortable to use).
  • HELP1: switch the gfx from 8 bit to 16 bit and viceversa.
  • Button Y: in the main menu show some info of the game.

Abbaye Caanoo Hope Chamber

Port infos

This game was initially created using old SDL1.2 library but now it’s also available a release for the new SDL2.
On Caanoo SDL2 are not available and my port is based on old SDL1.2 version of the library, where i added buttons control and released in a zip package.

Download and more Infos

Visit the LocoMalito official site for additional downloads and more infos about the game.
Visit the Nevat repository for the sources.

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