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NTFS-3G: Full Read-Write Open Source Linux NTFS Driver

Questa potrebbe essere la notizia del 2006:

Finally Linux has got full read-write open source NTFS support! Preliminary benchmarks show that the still unoptimized driver already sometimes twice as fast as ext3 and 20-50 faster than the commercial Paragon NTFS. Interestingly Captive NTFS, which uses the native Windows NTFS driver, fails all benchmarks with file loss.

NTFS-3G non è un kernel driver, ma viene eseguito in userspace utilizzando FUSE.

Interessante (ed inquietante) cosa scrive l’autore a proposito del supporto che potrà dare agli utilizzatori del driver nel prossimo futuro:

Please note that I’m leaving for an over 5,000 km long Far North and Arctic
Ocean advanture on Sunday morning (European time) and won’t be able to read
and answer emails for almost a month (no, I’m not escaping, I plan to come
back alive ;). Originally I planned to fix all the minor issues listed below
but no more time left for me and I think it’s better to release now, in case
I would get lost somewhere on the road 😉 Well, actually I hope that most
issues will be resolved when I’m back!

“Debian server compromise” – Craccato un server Debian

Ci risiamo; come nel Novembre 2003 qualche imbecille ha compromesso uno dei server Debian:

Several people have asked for information about the unavailability of one of the Debian projects main servers, gluck. This machine has been taken offline due to being compromised…

Oltre al server craccato, altre macchine sono state staccate dalla rete per permettere le analisi del caso e per questo molti servizi (Planet Debian, Debian developer webpages, Debian CVS server, etc.) sono momentaneamente non disponibili.

Introducing the Dapper-Commercial Repository

Logo Ubuntu Linux

Canonical, Ubuntu’s parent company has announced the dapper-commercial repository, where one will hopefully find packages released by commercial companies (read non-open-source) for use by Ubuntu users. Right now, all the repository has is Opera 9, and RealPlayer 10. Hopefully as time progresses, we will see more software, like, say, Skype, that are useful to users presently, though they are not open source, in this repository…

In poche parole, Ubuntu strizza un occhio ai software commerciali.